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About Univclear

Univclear is a top-notch provider of advanced orthodontic solutions dedicated to transforming smiles and improving overall oral health. We have in-house cutting-edge manufacturing unit , where we meticulously craft and manufacture high-quality aligners, which are customised for each individual’s specific needs.

We incorporate the most advanced technologies available in the market for aligner solutions and strictly adhere to both diagnostic precision and industry benchmarks with zero compromise. Our aligners are rigorously designed and tested by top specialists to ensure the optimal results.

Braces vs Univclear Aligners

Frequent visits
Food Restrictions
Complex Process
Slow recovery
Minimal visits
No Restrictions
Easy Process
Faster recovery
Book your 3d scan

Why opt for Univclear Aligners?

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    Minimal doctor visit
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    Easy to maintain Oral hygiene
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    Less discomfort
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    No food restrictions
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    Esthetically pleasing
  • Your delay in orthodontic treatment will result in

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    Bad breath
  • no img found
    Tooth decay
  • no img found
    Bleeding gums
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    Teeth grinding
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    Pain around ears
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    Stiff neck muscles
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    Loss of teeth
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  • Univclear Pricing

    Univclear Aligners

    Univ Basic

    Price varies with treatment complexity

    MRP: ₹ 44,999/-

    ₹ 39,999*

    Univclear Aligners

    Univ Pro

    When your smile alignment needs more attention

    MRP: ₹ 69,999/-


    Univclear Aligners

    Univ full

    Get your teeth alignment along with health benefits.

    MRP: ₹99,999


    Univclear VS Others


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    Treatment almost at the price of ceramic braces
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    Own manufacturing unit
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    3 months to 1 year of Warranty on Select Packages
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    Can treat mild to most complicated cases
  • Others

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    Significantly more expensive
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    Third-party manufacturing
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    No option of Warranty
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    Can treat limited cases only
  • Our Process

    01.3D-Digital Scannig and Assessment

    Our skilled professionals can come to your preferred location, and use advanced technology to capture a detailed 3D image of your teeth.

    02.Doctor Prescribed Treatment Plan

    Once we have the 3D images of your teeth, our team of experienced orthodontists will carefully analyze them to create a personalized digital treatment plan that fits your unique needs. We'll then share the plan with you for your approval.

    03.Delivery and Counseling

    With our customized product designed to fit your smile, we'll bring the product straight to your doorstep for your convenience. You won't have to worry about going anywhere!

    04.Hassle-free delivery

    Receive your Dezy aligner kit at your doorstep. This includes your full set of aligners, detailed instructions on how to use them, equipment, and everything needed for that perfect smile in the making..

    Treatable Cases

    Why Trust Univclear

    Treatment planned by expert orthodontists with 10+ yrs of experience.

    ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility.

    CE & USFDA approved software and materials used.

    69,122 smiles designed & counting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Thanks to a system that is specifically designed to meet patients' needs, Univclear has a solution for over 90% of situations, the results will be seen as soon as in 2 months.

    Univclear aligners are the best option for adults to straighten their teeth. If you want to straighten crooked and irregular teeth without attaching wires to your teeth, Univclear aligners are designed in a nearly invisible way to correct irregularities with minimally invasive technology.

    Before deciding on clear aligner treatment, many patients have questions about whether clear aligners are better than metal braces and which option is right for them.Clear aligners versus traditional metal braces. Although they work on the same orthodontic principles, clear aligners have some significant advantages that encourage you to choose clear aligners for straightening your teeth.

    Yes. An orthodontist is an expert in diagnosing, preventing, and treating abnormalities in your teeth and jaws to give you a brilliant smile. During treatment with Univclear aligners, you should have at least 2-3 visits to your orthodontist at the beginning of treatment.

    Since straightening your teeth with Univclear aligners can be expensive, we also offer a free EMI option. So before making such a big financial commitment, knowing how long your results will last with Univclear aligners is a good idea.

    In the early stages, you may have trouble getting it on and off, but if you follow your orthodontist's instructions, you shouldn't have such problems and you shouldn't have any problems. We are at your service and will resolve the issue as soon as possible.