Treatment Workflow

How your hassle free journey to a beautiful smile starts with us

At univclear, we are dedicated to ensure smooth and convenient experience for every patient from the very first consultation to final monitoring and support, without having the need to visit our clinic as our services to your doorstep are just a call away.

01. Initial consultation, 3D scanning

We are available at the comfort of your home. Our team of professionals will reach at your preferred address, patiently examine your teeth, discuss & understand your specific dental needs and concerns. We then digitally scan & capture a 3D impression of your teeth utilizing latest technology for utmost precision which facilitates the accurately customised product.

02. Personalized treatment plan

Based on the comprehensive assessment & analysis of 3D images of your teeth, our team of experienced orthodontists will create a personalized digital treatment plan that fits your unique needs. We'll then share the plan with you for your approval.

03. Delivery & counselling

Once your customised product is ready, we will bring the product to your address for your ease & convenience. Our orthodontist will fit it properly in your teeth and provide proper instructions on how to wear it, how to maintain oral hygiene, etc.

04. Regular monitoring & progress checkups

We recommend periodic check-ups after every 8 to 12 weeks (depending of particular case requirement) either remotely through video consultations or at a nearby partner clinic to closely monitor the progress and ensure the intended development .

05. Retainers to maintain a lasting smile

Post the treatment period, you are required to wear retainers to ensure that your teeth are firmly guided in place by your jaw bones. It is crucial to wear retainers consistently for the rest of your life, because teeth naturally tend to shift and move over time and regular use of a retainer help you with a lasting smile. Permanent bonded retainers are advised.